1. Interview agents

Once you have determined it's time to sell your home you need a great agent. Remember, you're the boss so conduct interviews as if you're hiring an employee. Chapter 6 in my book tells you the 12 important questions to ask. 

2. Price and terms

Now that you have an awesome agent on your side you have to determine what price you will list your home for and what terms will work best for you. 

3. Preparing for listing

Careless agents just plunk a sign in the front yard and hope for the best. Great agents will coach you on how to prepare your home for listing so it fetches the highest price in the shortest amount of time. 

4. Be a good host

Clearly selling your home does include some effort and inconvenience. Just keep your eye on your future and know this phase won't last forever. Do you best to keep your home tidy and well lit for prospective buyers. 

5. Entertain offers

Sooner or later an offer or multiple offers will come in. Remember you're in charge. If an offer isn't to your liking you can always turn it down or counter. Your agent will guide you through the process.

6. Time to move

Once the offer is signed, the physical inspection is conducted and the home appraisal is complete it's a countdown to closing. Make plans to move and start the new chapter of your life.