This is a problem!

Empty flyer box

I see this home on my morning walk. Lazy agents are the worst. This flyer box was full at first but has been empty for several weeks. 

Street side flyers are a small but effective part of a successful marketing campaign. A quality flyer should be color, two-sided, filled with important info and printed on stiff card stock. There is absolutely no excuse for an empty flyer box!


This is one of the dangers of living in a non-HOA (Home Owners Association) neighborhood. No offense to this guy but it ruins the appearance of his home and cheapens the look of the neighborhood. If you can afford an RV you should be able to afford proper storage at an RV lot.  

It’s was a really nice home. Too bad you can’t even see it!

Dead tree and curb appeal

This home is currently on the market. A strong agent will coach their clients on the importance of curb appeal. You don't want anything to detract from the appearance of your home. 

It amazed me that neither the homeowner nor agent could figure out that a dead tree in the middle of the front yard should probably be taken down before listing the home!

Poor quality stucco job

Look closely. Do you see the line? Stucco has to be applied in one continuous motion, pattern and color. Clearly they stopped and came back later. This was on a new home. 

This is one reason you need representation on new construction! An extra set of eyes can spot things like this, especially with our background in construction. We can help you communicate with the builder and negotiate an appropriate fix. Please see our section on new home construction for more details and our special offer.

More pics coming soon!

Golf course sloppy entrance

Businesses should have solid curb appeal, as well as residential properties. It shows sharp management and pride of ownership. This is the actual entrance to Springs Ranch Golf Club in Colorado Springs. 

Check out the dead grass on the sidewalk. If anyone should have an edger and a blower it should be a golf course! It’s just a lack of pride, poor management and laziness. It is inexcusable.

This is amazing!

How to have a lush lawn

Many people struggle to have a lush lawn. No need! This is an actual picture of my front lawn!  

1. Core aerate in early fall and dethatch in early spring. 

2. Follow a strict fertilizer schedule. I recommend Scotts supplemented with Revive organic liquid fertilizer you connect to your hose. 

3. Raise the deck of your mower in hotter months. The taller grass gives the roots shade and you won’t have to water as much. 

4. Edge and weedwack your lawn. Though aesthetic it gives your yard a crisp well cared for look!

More pics coming soon!

Paint your home for a quicker sale

Few things add instant value to your home like painting. Not only will it help your home sell faster it will most likely fetch a higher dollar amount.

A fresh coat of paint  enhances your curb appeal and gives buyers confidence knowing your home is well maintained.

It is not uncommon to easily recoup the cost of painting for a higher list price as buyers prefer a crisp fresh home over a stale and faded one. 

If you are considering selling your home think about when the last time it was painted. If it's been more than five years it might be time for a fresh coat.

More pics coming soon!

More pics coming soon!

More pics coming soon!