P. Johan Sekovski

The beginning

I grew up in an immigrant home in Western New York. Dad and Mom were from two different countries so along with being an American I learned three cultures, three languages and three ways of doing things. 

Later in life this kind of upbringing has served me well in that I don't get stuck in a linear mindset. I intuitively know there are at least three different ways of looking at everything! This fluidity enables me to achieve win-win negotiations, design creative problem solving strategies and have an intrinsic empathy towards people's perspectives. 

Experience is the best teacher

We have construction and carpentry professionals on both sides of the family. Growing up I had a deep interest in the building trades. For many years I owned a landscape architecture company where we designed, installed and maintained residential yards. Later I would become a licensed contractor and thoroughly loved building. This naturally led to becoming a licensed Realtor conducting business in California and Colorado.

Approaching $100 million in sales and being a national award winner ranking in the top 6% of Realtors nationwide has afforded me a depth of experience that I bring to bear in every transaction. 

The meltdown and recovery

Like many of you we took a pretty significant beating in the real estate meltdown of 2007. With real estate barely having a pulse and being the sole income earner with little ones at home I took a position conducting Fortune 500 sales with a firm out of Monterey, CA. Unfortunately, with the recession taking hold, I was laid off in March 2009. 

 In May, 2009 I launched a company providing on-demand over the phone interpretation to businesses and organizations with cross-cultural needs. After years of aggressive growth we were approached by a buyer in the spring of 2016 and sold the company by year end. Aware of the coming transition I renewed my real estate license in July of 2016 in anticipation of returning to real estate. I am currently with Cutting Edge Realtors in Colorado Springs.  

New book

"Real Estate Essentials - a guidebook for brokers, buyers, agents and sellers" will be on sale soon. Reflecting on years of experience I decided to get some of my thoughts down on paper. This book covers a variety of topics and is for anyone interested in or involved with real estate. It will be for sale on Amazon in print and Kindle versions. Audio versions will also be available through Audible.com some time down the road.