Our philosophy

Serve everyone

Some agents turn their nose up at first time buyers, those with weak credit or those who can't afford the most expensive home in town. I grew up in a poor immigrant home. I personally understand the challenges of starting from scratch. Everyone has to start their journey at some point.  We are committed to serving everyone and assisting as many people as we can so they too can enjoy the American dream.

It takes a team

Heard of the "self made" millionaire? There's actually no such thing! All of us are where we are because of the love and help of others. We have a great team of administrators,  transaction coordinators, assistant agents, title officers, lenders and certified home inspectors, ready to serve your needs. 

Edge out the ego

There are agents who believe they are God's gift to the earth. Their ego is so big they can hardly walk through the door because their inflated head gets stuck. They easily get off track during negotiations because of their ego. For us, we just want to serve our clients with the highest level of professionalism and skill. We humbly keep our heads down and work hard. We don't get caught up in all the nonsense.

Business first

The reality is some agents have zero business skill and no negotiating experience. I am grateful for my time in corporate sales and as a successful business owner. We bring this background to every transaction. Some people choose an agent because they're nice. You want your children's kindergarten teacher to be nice. 

In real estate you want an agent who understands they are dealing with your most expensive asset and as such need to bring significant marketing, business and negotiation skills to the table!

Skip the dumb stuff

Real estate, for whatever reason, has some of the dumbest promotion and marketing techniques in the world. Agents plaster their face and contact information on bus stops, not pausing to realize if people can't afford a car, they probably can't afford a house. They conduct open houses when the national statistics are less than 1% that a home is actually sold that way. 

We don't waste our time and effort on outdated, obsolete or ineffective methods to promote your home. We only engage in proven and successful approaches to getting your home sold.


We've all experienced it. Customer service is at an all time low. It's gotten so bad out there that we almost expect to be treated poorly. Whether you're flying somewhere, calling your cable company or trying to buy a new cell phone, the nightmare stories abound. Our whole philosophy is based on the merits of being "customer-centric." 

In other words you are the center focus around which everything else revolves. Wouldn't that be a refreshing change? That means with heartfelt empathy we seek to understand your thoughts, desires, and priorities.