New home construction

1. Know the process

If you are interested in a new home, feel free to schedule a consultation with us. We will go over how the whole process works and chart a course forward. We’ll map out all the new developments that meet your parameters, and then we’ll drive out and look at the models.

2. Let's go together

After our consultation, we will introduce you to builders and their agent. Every model has a sign in sheet. We will sign you in. That way we will be connected and we can represent you. In our partnership with the builder, they compensate us directly, so it doesn’t cost you anything.

3. Be represented

Most people don't think about representation when they think of new home construction. In partnership with the builder’s agent, we provide an added layer of consultation. We can help you navigate any challenges and bring about a desired solution.

4. It's happening!

Now that you are represented and have an extra layer of consultation, the process begins! You will select a lot and a home. You will choose upgrades, styles and colors. It’s an exciting time watching your home come to life! From frame to finish, it’s all happening before your eyes and every day gets you closer to your dream home.

5. With you every step of the way

We will be with you through the entire process - to not only represent you, but give you practical advice, tips, and suggestions. We can review the contract before you sign, assist you on upgrade selections, and advise you on where to spend extra money, We will be available to do the walk-through with you and sit with you at closing to ensure all the details are covered.  

6. Our offer

Allow us to represent you on your new home construction and after you close, we will give you a $500 gift card to Home Depot, Lowe's, Williams Sonoma, or Bed Bath & Beyond.