December Special

Free Holiday Shopping Spree!

The Holidays are around the corner and the time for gift giving is quickly approaching. Wouldn’t it be great to go on a free shopping spree?

Our Offer

List or buy a home with us during November and after a successful close you will receive an $800 gift card to your favorite store. 

Where will you shop?

$800 shopping spree at Nordstrom? Williams Sonoma? Lululemon? Maybe you want to make some changes to your new home and an $800 Home Depot gift car would be perfect! Or maybe you have a lot of electronics on your holiday list and Best Buy makes more sense. Perhaps half on a Target gift card and half for California Pizza Kitchen? Whatever you want we can make it happen!

Thanks for spreading the word!

We appreciate when you refer us to your friends, family, neighbors and co-workers. As a way of saying thank you, after a successful closing allow us to give you a $200 gift card to one of our favorite restaurants in Colorado Springs - Till. In addition you will receive a $300 gift card to Nordstrom, Bass Pro or Target for guilt free shopping!

Just call or send us a note telling us who you are referring and we'll take it from there. Happy dining and happy shopping and of course thank you for spreading the word!