The investor mindset

Investing is more than having the financial ability. It has to do with temperament, strategy and long term goals as well. You must have a working business plan that spells out your goals in monthly cash flow and long term equity positions.

What kind of investor are you?

It's important to know what kind of investor you are. Do you like 3 bedroom, 2 bath residential or multi-family structures to own as rentals? Do you prefer to invest in distressed properties that you can rehab and flip? 

Do the math

Ultimately it just comes down to the numbers. Whether you buy properties to rent for the long term or have a short term flipping strategy your income, available capital and tax bracket as well as potential profit will determine your course of action.

The investor's agent

You want an agent who has experience owning rentals and managing them for the long term. You want an agent who has deep experience investing in and flipping properties. An experienced agent will know how to search for the type of property that meets your criteria. We have not only participated in the rental industry we have also flipped millions of dollars of properties as well.

Title and 1031 exchanges

Not only do you want an effective agent that understands your goals you also want a strong title company on your team that understands 1031 exchange strategies. We use Unified Title. With experienced officers in many locations throughout the state of Colorado they can be a tremendous resource to your overall game plan. 

Property management

Unless you are going to personally manage your rentals you will need a management company to oversee your investment. You want an active manager that not only places highly qualified renters in your property but someone who looks after your investment as if it was their own. Ask us how we can assist you achieve your goals.